It’s hot hot…

The days are getting hotter the nights warmer. Here it is June first and we are at the start of the hurricane season. The folks that do the prediction of what kinda storm season it’s going to be don’t seem to have very good news for the Southwest Louisiana community.
Even when the heat comes we must put aside the irritability that so often comes with being hot. And that these communities vome together to stand strong locally. Having each others back and being willing to pitch in whenever possible for your neighbor and community as a whole.
As we continue to develope the “hackberry relief project” and the many aspects of just how we can help facilitate stong local communities. When communities stand together in the tough times. Working to help each member be whole they form a backbone for success and economic strength that will stand the test of time.
Consider volunteering and getting yours hands dirty to make a difference right here in your backyard. Become the neighbors helping neighbors.

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