This week’s schedule and needs:

Well, since most of you know it’s Monday… It’s time for us to post a schedule for this week. Keep in mind that this schedule is subject to change and doesn’t include everything we are doing. If you can volunteer please call us at 337-240-6292. Monday: Morning- small roofing repair, plumbing repair, and another roofing repair. Afternoon – roof decking at manuel’s Evening – roof decking at manuel’s
Tuesday: Morning- address a tree hazard in lake Charles, demo shed, and frame up mini apt. This is a day long project
Debris clean up for elderly couple in hackberry
Debris clean up for disabled woman in hackberry.
Wednesday: Morning- plumbing repair Afternoon -manuels roof Evening – manuel’s roof
Thursday: Manuel’s roof
Friday: Manuel’s roof
Saturday: Event at the school for people to find access to help. Manuel’s roof
We can use all the hands we can get. Many hands make light work…
Thank you

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