An update from Ethan The Farmer

Thought I’d take a minute to give you the skinny rundown of what’s going on. As most of you know we left the “Hackberry Relief Project” physically on July 17th. We made the two-day journey to Ash Flat Arkansas. Be it barely, by the skin of our teeth. We had about $5 to our name when we finally made it here. Between my shoulder getting messed up and the issues with overheating due to thermostat issues, it was an eventful ride.
The program in Hackberry continues, be it a scaled-back and skeleton crew at this point. With the hopes for some awesome volunteers to make it there in August. I was sad to leave all of the friends and connections we had made there over the three months we spent there. We managed to help in the neighborhood of a hundred families in one way or another. That community is still not recovered from the devastation from hurricane laura and delta. Please continue to pray for them and consider donating to help those efforts continue. We are also in need of a point person to coordinate the efforts in Hackberry, as well as the ongoing need for volunteers to assist with the many people on the waiting list. Please email us if you can help or want to volunteer. You can follow the efforts in that community online at
Due to the Cajan Navy pulling out of the neighboring communities of Lake Charles and Sulfur we are considering adding a component that is directly related to these communities as they have tremendous needs, and lack even the basic infrastructure to address the issues moving forward. If you are interested in helping with this please contact us.
Now that we are in Ash Flat, Arkansas the needs here are no less. It seems our calling is to the parts of America that have been and are being forgotten about. The true salt of the earth people who it seems the government and the rest of the country are simply forgetting. Well, guess what? We haven’t forgotten them and are striving to find some type of paying projects to help us underwrite the crazy costs of materials in this interesting time. And to help keep us afloat while we show these people they are NOT forgotten. While we show love compassion and empathy to the backwoods of north-central Arkansas. If you want to volunteer or donate please get ahold of us. As this would be greatly appreciated.
And lastly. I have been battling open sores on my legs for some time now. As well as a shoulder that causes pain that is frankly off the charts a lot of the time. both of which I press on and get done the physical things that need to be done. That doesn’t mean it’s fun. It simply means I make use of the Irish streak in me and the stubbornness that comes with it. But that also means that I don’t have the physical strength to do what I normally would to raise the funds to keep us all going.
As of right now we stand about $1000 short of making ends meet through August 1st. If you would consider donating that would be awesome.
Thank you for your continued support as We work to change the path of this country and our society as a whole. One family, one community, one project, one life, at a time. Boots on the ground meeting their physical needs.
Ethan The Farmer Founder and Excutive Director GTKYF Foundation Inc <>
Program Manager Neighbors Helping Neighbors. <>

Thank You for Caring about saving family farmers – Hope you have a great day!

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