And Their needs.

  • Project A:
    • Needs a Deck / Stairs built to access the front of their home: (this project is almost complete! Just needs cross-bracing and a gate built!)
      • We have materials. Thank you to those that made this happen.
      • Need Volunteer Labor. Volunteer HERE
    • Needs a Fiberglass boat repaired to facilitate their ability to return to work commercial fishing.
      • Estimated Material Cost: $4200 Donate to this project here
      • Need Volunteer to assist with this. Volunteer Here
  • Project B:
    • Needs help cleaning our their Garage and organizing what is Left.
      • Need Volunteers. Volunteer Here
  • Project C:
    • The plumbing in this house was severely damaged due to the house being physically moved. And the trees moving the pipes and dirt. Insurance would only cover a very small part of these damages.
      • The bathroom Sink Drain needs to be repaired. (COMPLETED)
        • We have the materials
        • Need Volunteer to reinstall Sink and Drain. Volunteer Here
      • The bathroom tub (jetted deep tub) needs to be removed and replaced flooring needs repaired and plumbing reattached.
        • Estimated Materials Cost $1400 Donate Here
        • Need Volunteers to do this project: Volunteer Here
      • Septic Line Needs to be Rerouted due to being damaged by large trees
        • Estimated material and equipment cost: $800 Donate Here
        • Need Volunteer Labor to assist with this: Volunteer Here
      • Pipes under the House need to be strapped up:
        • Estimated Materials Needed (Ty vex suit and gloves, Pipe strapping) $100 Donate Here
        • Need Volunteer to do this: Volunteer Here
    • Roof needs replaced: (Insurance only providing a very small percentage of the cost of repair/replacement) (DUE TO OUR STANCH ADVOCACY IN RELATION TO THE INSURANCE COMPANY AT THIS TIME THEY HAVE AGREED TO PAY THE COST TO REPLACE THE ROOF CORRECTLY)
  • Project D:
    • Old Tie Downs need to be removed as they are a hazard with the new house insurance will not do;
    • Porch/steps need to be moved and installed:
      • Volunteer Labor and Tractor needed: Volunteer here
  • Project E:
    • Needs Broken Window Glass Replaced one window
      • Volunteer labor needed: Volunteer Here
  • Project F:
    • Master Bathroom Floor needs removed and re-leveled / replaced:
      • The estimated cost of materials: $1200 Donate Here
      • Volunteers needed to do the project: Volunteer Here
  • Project G:
    • Whole house rehab
      • The estimated cost of materials $40, 000 Donate Here
        • Funds raised to date $4000 – THANK YOU!
      • Volunteers Needed every day! Volunteer Here
  • Project H:
    • House needs screens (all windows done except for the ones with window ac in them)
      • Materials have been bought cost was $110 Donate towards this.
      • Volunteer labor needed to build and install: Volunteer Here
    • Straighten Tree in Yard
      • Need Volunteer to do this: Volunteer Here
    • Drain Line needs to be repaired
      • Estimated materials of $100: Donate here
      • Volunteer labor needed: Volunteer Here
    • The kitchen floor needs to be installed
      • Materials are on site
      • Volunteers needed to install the floor: Volunteer Here
    • Out Kitchen needs to be reinstalled
    • Shower needs Grouted
    • Under house needs re-insulated (Iso Board)
    • Hot water needs hooked up to bathroom sink
  • Project “I”:
  • Project “J”:
    • Help clean up house organize due to all the additional people moving back in.
  • Project “K”:
    • House needs repiped all supply lines due to leaks
  • Project “L”:
  • Project “M”:
    • Needs 15 Sq Shingled roof replaced. No Insurance
    • Flooring for bedrooms:
    • This family is also $200 still owed for getting their Used replacement Mobile Home (trailer) moved to the lot where their old home was destroyed. DONATE Here to help them with this still unpaid cost so that they can legally live in their home.
    • They also need their Electrical pole repaired, decks / Porch built, electrical issues addressed.
  • Project “N”:
    • Substantial yard cleanup from debris for and a disabled elderly family.

If You are in need of help in southwest Louisiana –

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While every effort is made to keep this page accurate. We are Human. This page DOES NOT contain all of the projects or identifying information related to the survivors without their consent. We do our best to update and keep this page current. Thank You for your understanding. This project is a work in progress. OUr goal is to help as many people as possible with the resources we have and what generous people like you are willing to donate. Thank You.

We are in need of people to help clean up all of the debris strewn everywhere. Part of helping rebuild a healthy, sustainable, LOCAL, strong community is cleaning up the surrounding area, so that it doesn’t look like a war zone.

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We do NOT disclose the actual addresses to the sites needing the above described help, except to those volunteering to help with that specific project. We typically will meet those volunteering to help at a central location (like the community center or Brown’s Grocery) and provide specific addresses and directions at that time. This prevents the homeowners or residents form being repeatedly contacted about help, as well provides some level of dignity in that the fact that they have requested help is not posted for the whole world to see on the internet. All volunteers must sign a liability waiver, and wear appropriate attire. Close toed shoes, gloves, eye protection (if needed for specific task). Thank you for your understanding.

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