We will be implementing a NEW APPLICATION PROCESS JUNE 15th 2021

Due to the continued high demand for assistance, and the limited amount of resources we have to go around. As well as the desire of the core leadership of this project to move on at some point. We will be implementing a formal application process, and services will be provides based on the evaluation of the said application. If you have a project that has already been started, YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED to submit an application. Unless you add to the list of needs substantially. If you are in need of assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at or call 337-240-6292 to get an application. These sites and services will continue to be provided even after the core group moves on. Via local-based volunteers.
We are seeking a LOCAL Volunteer to assist with the ongoing coordination of these efforts. As well as additional efforts should the need arise due to new damages being incurred. If you are interested in helping with this please let us know at the above contact information.
Our desire from the very beginning of these efforts in September 2020 right after hurricane laura was to see a strong local sustainable community. To that end, we are developing a local website, a social media aspect, a Classifieds aspect, an email platform, and more for just residents of southwest Louisiana. These sites will be announced in the coming weeks. The goal being to facilitate the use of technology to help this community moving forward. We are also working to build a website infrastructure and corresponding applications to facilitate disaster response in times of crisis. This aspect will be rolled out during the 2021 hurricane season hopefully. These investments in technology will be funded by the sale of sponsorships and advertising, with preference given to LOCAL SMALL BUSINESSES. In accordance with our parent organizations’ beliefs, we will NOT charge the community or users. We also will NOT sell or use any of your information. If you are a business that would like to support these efforts please let us know.
The core group that was here in September 2020 in the days right after Hurricane Laura are currently planning to stay and assist through July 15 2021. Any projects not completed by that date will have to be carried on by those who live and work in the community permanently. That being said we still need more volunteers and funds to cover the substantial material needs. The group has to continue on to other communities that also need assistance. We appreciate your understanding. We will continue to support, advocate, and stand with the people of southwest Louisiana indefinitely. Life-long friendships have been made while engaged in these efforts.

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