It’s Monday Morning…

So, here it is Monday morning. And we’ve been at it since 330am! As it’s going to be a nasty hot ??? one again today. We are working on getting the projects on our list dealt with and keep on moving forward.
We have already been to Lowe’s in Sulphur, Louisiana. Getting some supplies and pricing for materials. The cost of materials seems to be going up by the day. It’s almost impossible to guess the cost and then it’s different the next day. Never in my life have I seen 2x4s for almost $9 a board. These constant price increases make it even more challenging to get work done and get people back in their homes. As many are not able to afford materials if at all. Then we have to find the funds to cover the cost increases. Just the two homes I am working on getting materials lined up for today total $5700 roughly. Who knows what it will be tomorrow. If you would like to help us cover these and the other material costs. Please do so at .
Stay tuned for more exciting things we are working on…

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