Even PBS is recognizing the devastation…

But still, FEMA and the state of Louisiana government refuse to provide reasonable aid. Yet, those in neighboring parishes like lake Charles get sometimes up to 10 times the amount of funds for the same size house to be repaired. How is this fair and equitable? The article states that it’s a supply and demand […]

Our thoughts are the David Currie Family today.

David Currie ran the “Curries” in Hackberry, Louisiana. While his store might have been destroyed during Hurricane Laura, his resolve to stay open, (be it an “open-air store”) and support his community never wavered. While many would have given up and told those in need of parts to repair their homes to go elsewhere he […]

Storms headed this way

This is a weather alert we just received: “The National Hurricane Center has increased the chance for tropical development in the western Gulf of Mexico to 60%. A tropical depression or tropical storm may form before it moves inland across the northwest Gulf coast tonight. The forecast remains the same for our region – expecting […]

Lake Charles flooding.

This project is NOT just for hackberry. We will help those in need in southwest Louisiana. Including those effected by the recent flooding in Lake Charles. We will also assist with getting people out, and assisting with getting vehicles out of flooded areas. If you need urgent assistance please call 911. For assistance from us […]

We helped fix a lawn tractor today…

Seems the interesting weather here in southwest Louisiana wore out the battery terminals on an elderly gentalmans lawn mower tractor. So, the folks at Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Hackberry Relief Project to the rescue… We are here to help build a strong resilient community… Join us today and help make this community strong.

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